Hi everyone! Today I'm going to tell you all the TV series or shows that I've seen since I have netflix (beginning of last year) until today included (some I've seen twice or more).
Also, there are others that I haven't finished, that I am currently watching or only saw the seasons that are currently in Netflix.

I feel like I'm forgetting several of the series I saw, but as soon as I remember them, I'll do a second part

⚠️ without spoilers

Let us begin!

Grey's anatomy

This series is one of several reasons why I will choose the professional career that I will choose (and yes, it is related to medicine)
I think that whoever didn't see this series misses something very, very good

The Walking Dead

This is the second series that I saw since I have netflix and it is incredible! Production, history, everything is great, I think most people know

Teen Wolf

This was the first series I saw and it is one of the things that interests me the most in this world (seriously)

The Vampire Diaries

I think this is my favorite series of the world, although I'm not sure because as you can see in the article that I show you below, I'm too fan of several series and I don't know which one to choose

I've seen it twice already and I'm sure I'll see it again very soon, because it's the best!

Pretty Little Liars

The first series that I saw complete (and one of the few). I really liked, has ups and downs in history but it is very entertaining and engaging characters you soon

Orange is the new black

I like it. I'm in the third season, and although there are several things that would be good to add, it's good

Gossip Girl

I don't have too much to say yet, but I like it.

The Flash

Very good, it is very entertaining

13 reasons why

I really don't like the first season so much, but the second season was so good, I loved it.


Very good series, quite realistic and well made

The 100

(You guys saw that all my opinions of the series are pretty similar, do not I'm not good at doing this) I loved the first season of this series but then it went down a lot, although I liked it a lot

La Casa de Papel

At last a Hispanic series, loco! Very good, just watch it and see what I'm talking about.

Dr. House

This one I had to leave because it never ended up getting my attention, but I know I'll give it a chance in the future.


The day they went up to Netflix I had already seen half of it, I loved it a lot and if you can recommend a place to see the second season I will listen to you with too much love
His characters are incredible, and the story is great


Like "the 100", the seasons gradually declined. I didn't even see the last season (although some people told me it's worth it, so I'll probably take a look)
A great story, good series but it could have been much better

Stranger Things

Don't kill me! But I don't like it that much, It's just not my type of series

Jane the Virgin

I saw the first season and it didn't seem very bad, but I don't like at all that it is so bizarre for being Latina, I think it's a bit offensive that they think we live watching telenovelas and we are so particular in life.

Big Mouth

I didn't have many expectations but I was very entertained, I recommend it!

Thanks for reading!, I hope you like it,


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