Everybody has his bad days. Here are some of the things that make me feel a little less gloomy.

Whenever I'm on the verge of tears, I imagine all kinds of dogs running on a field. It may sound strange, but it helps. It is scientifically proven that dogs sense emotions and can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

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Or I just watch funny cat videos.

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I adore watching films (especially animations, if I'm sad) or going to the cinema. The atmosphere in the cinema relaxes me.

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Having long walks
I love taking walks until my feet start hurting. It can be very stress relieving Especially if you are with a person who likes them as much as you do.

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I can survive a day without Internet, but I can't without my headphones. Although I sound like a dying seagull while singing, I tend to do it most time. After watching the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast I didn't stop sing the songs for two months.

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If I'm sad, give me candy.

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Looking at the stars
I could watch the night sky for hours. You will be lying if you say that you haven't tried counting all the stars as a child.

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Counting my cinema ticket collection
I have nearly 250 cinema tickets. Counting them makes me feel calm and relaxed.

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