Hey, I want to present you my best friend in pictures. I think this would be quite funny and maybe this could be a new challenge.
So there is the #thisismechallenge...why don't we call this one #mybfchallenge (if there isn't already one like that lol)?

So my best friend is Sophie and that's what she's like:


nasa, grunge, and alternative image clothes, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed grunge, nirvana, and fashion image
grunge & vintage


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed speakup, animalrights, and voiceforvoiceless image aesthetics, alternative, and art image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Super crazy, beautiful human and feminist who doesn't give a fuck and has lots of love for cats and other animals


book, reading, and read image Temporarily removed yassbaby netflixxx image bff, friends, and friendship image


stranger things, eleven, and netflix image american horror story, ahs, and chocolate image lost and sawyer image happy birthday image


leon, movie, and natalie portman image background, eddie redmayne, and hogwarts image Temporarily removed pennywise, art, and clown image johnny depp, leonardo dicaprio, and Gilbert Grape image Image by Ao Chi


book, box, and gryffindor image beautiful, book, and bookmark image Image by Confident book image


nirvana, grunge, and kurt cobain image Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed


food, sushi, and aesthetic image pizza, food, and yummy image wine, girl, and drink image Temporarily removed


couple, love, and kiss image cat, cute, and animal image vintage, typewriter, and owl image paris, france, and eiffel tower image
Sophie, thank you for being my best friend. This is for you, I love you.

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I hope you enjoyed it.


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