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The countdown is on! It's only 4 days till spring (even though it's still snowing here in Belgium) but I thought it would be nice to combine my 2 favorite things in 1 article: spring season and photograpfy!
Who doesn't love doing a photoshoot of just take photo's yourself?
So I put together 100 pictures you can recreate that are all spring related.


flowers, hair, and girl image flowers, pink, and bike image flowers, girl, and sunflower image flowers and rose image Image removed nails image girl, flowers, and hair image fashion, girl, and flowers image flowers, fashion, and girl image girl, flowers, and beauty image
Flowers are THE spring aesthetic and add more elegance to your picture. Go buy yourself some flowers, you deserve it.
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The weather will be a bit warmer and the sun will shine a little bit brighter. Use this! Go outside and enjoy the sun. You'll not only get more vitamin D but You'll also gain some freckles if you're a freckle person like me. Caffee spots are Always a nice place to take photo's.
flowers, white, and bike image bike, bicycle, and door image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image pink, flowers, and bike image flowers, pink, and bike image pink, flowers, and aesthetic image flowers, bike, and rose image city, fashion, and flowers image fashion, love it, and OMG image pink, bike, and bicycle image
I don't know why but I Always thought bycicles are really photogenetic. They look cute in front of a nice wall and with a basket of flowers.
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I love sharing my ootd and now spring is here I can pull out the nice tops and jackets I couldn't wear in winter season.
flowers, pink, and new york image atmosphere, buildings, and cities image flowers, house, and tree image flowers, paris, and rose image pink, city, and flowers image city, travel, and theme image indie, spring, and theme image pink image flowers, tree, and white image fashion, girl, and style image
This is the perfect time to visit a beautiful city. I'm heading to amsterdam in 3 weeks and I'm gonna make some Pretty spring pictures. But What's reallt spring like are blossoms! They're so Pretty and aestheticaly pleasing.


These were the 50 picture ideas you can recreate in spring. I'm totally gonna try a few. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I hope we'll meet again in my next article!

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and remember: stay true, stay beautiful, stay you.

Lots of Love,
Mimi xoxo

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march 17, 2018