1. Moon or Sun?

moon, stars, and night image moon, city, and night image
I love when the sun shines on my skin but the moon is soooo beautiful!!

2. Tea or Coffe?

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I'm a little coffee junkie.

3. Movie or Series?

audrey hepburn, beauty, and black and white image teen wolf, derek, and derek hale image
I can't live without one of this two. So both definitely!

4. Short Hair or Long Hair?

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I have long hair but I think this depends on the type of the person.

5. Winter or Summer?

snow, winter, and purple image Caribbean, ocean, and style image

6. Spring or Autumn?

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7. Beach or Forest?

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Beach but I grew up near the forest so when I would live on the beach I would miss it.

8. City or Villiage

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Definitely Cities!!

9. Cat or Dog?

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I'm more a dog person.

10. Skirt or Dress?

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11.Laptop or PC?

Temporarily removed college, school, and study image

12. Tattoo or Piercing?

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Absolutely Tattoos. A piercing is too painful for me.

13. Sunrise or Sunset?

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Kind of both.

14. Day or NIght?

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I love the day but for me, the night is way more beautiful.

15. Heels or Flats?

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It depends on my mood.

16. Black and White or Color?

Temporarily removed Image by Są ŋą

17. Silver or Gold?

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18. Dancing or Singing?

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Singing is my Hobby but dancing is my life!

19. Wine or Beer?

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I live in Europe. You are allowed to drink at the age of 16. We handle alcohol different as in the USA or another continent. It's no big deal. And at the moment I'm into wine.

20. Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate?

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21. Science Fiction or Fantasy?

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I love fantasy movies/books and I like science fiction.

22. Harry Potter or Lord of Rings?

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I'm a Potter Girl!

23. Snakes or Sharks?

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They are beautiful and misunderstood animals.

24. Adventurous or Cautious?

nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It travel, map, and car image travel, lost, and car image

25. Glasses or Contacts?

blue, blue eyes, and contacts image cheap halloween contacts image
Mine are natural. That means I have to wear these to see as good as you guys do.

26. Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

sky, fly, and skydiving image asia, bungee, and challenge image
I did both. So it is no big deal anymore.

27. Lether or Denim?

outfit and fashion image broadway, fashion, and bodycon dress image

28. Smoking or Non-Smoking?

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I am to 100% a non-smoking person.

29. Bath or Shower?

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30. House or Flat?

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I wanna live in a big city so it is definitely a flat.

31. Bikini or One-Piece?

Image by ⋆⋆BRYNN⋆⋆ girl, bikini, and body image

32. Cooking or Baking?

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33. IOS or Android?

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At the end a little quote.

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