hi everyone, todays article is about looking cute but for a lot less money- many high street shops are way too pricey in my opinion so here are some things that I do to save money and look decent.

✧ thrift
I am such a lover of thrift shopping over high street shopping because the clothes there are cheap and you can find some super nice stuff- look at my article on my thrifting tips to get some inspiration

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✧ find your style
by knowing which clothes suit you and which clothes you like wearing, you will save money by not buying pieces that don't fit your style. try out loads of different styles so that whenever you go into a shop, you know exactly what types of clothes you really like

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✧ change up your outfits
try out your staple outfits but with different earrings or change it up with a belt- you could even layer tops for example to discover a whole new look. by doing this, you'll create new outfits that look super cute without buying a whole new one, and you won't spend any money in the process!

✧ trade clothes with your friends
instead of spending money on new clothes, you could just borrow or swap some clothes from your sister or best friend to avoid spending unnecessary money.

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✧ try vintage markets
I don't know about anywhere else, but London has some really cool-looking vintage markets where the clothes are really nice. the clothes there are a little expensive but I like to buy one or two pieces and then wear them religiously

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