Everyone talks about wanderlust
How great it is
But do you know the kind of wanderlust that hurts?
It hurts in your chest
When you want to go
It’s not important where
Just away
And it hurts when you can’t
When you are to scared to go to that party
Or when no one of your friends have time to go out
Or they just don’t want to go with you
This feeling of being caged in your room
Or just in yourself
You walk back and forth in your living room
Hearing music so loud you can’t think
Just to flee from that place
You tidy your room and take a shower to distract you
But that doesn’t help
Because the pain is rooted so deep
You can just sit there
And hope for it to go away soon
Imagining a thousand conversations in your head
What could have happened
If you weren’t sitting there in the living room
Starring at the wall
And trying to put the pieces of your heart back together

sky, sunset, and window image

Maybe all of this isn’t what wanderlust is about
Maybe it’s just a happy circumscription
Of feeling depressed