Ciao Miei Angeli! Todays article is something I truly hope will benefit you all, I will be giving you a few examples of how to study effectively (or what helps me study effectively). Enjoy!

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1) I cannot stress enough how important sleep is! It doesn't only positively effect you physically (by encouraging muscle growth and repairs- also lessens risks of heart and kidney diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes) but also mentally as it can make you happier if you have around the right amount of sleep, for teenagers (14-17) it is recommended that you should have between 7-9 hours and for adults it is recommended to be around the same amount, give or take.
The correct amount of sleep can also increase focus throughout the day especially with a good breakfast!

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2) It is recommended to have a tidy work space as this can increase focus and motivation also. Personally, I prefer a tidy work place as i feel more organised and often get things done much quicker!

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I find this very important, especially for my english/ essay based classes. We often get marked for spelling, punctuation and grammar and i find that a fun way (for me) to practice is by reading. Reading also helps generate possible ideas for any creative writing practices that you may have in class. I understand that many people may be opposed to books but i feel that you have to find ones that best suit you, which i do agree can be time consuming. Reading more can also make you more literate and seem more professional to others which can be a bonus especially when it comes to interviews and work.

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4) Create a study/revision timetable.
Doing this can help you manage your time more wisely and will give you enough time to focus on one task. DO NOT cram all subjects together when creating one though since it will make it more unlikely that you will want to follow through with it. If you feel like it, after each week of following through with it, reward yourself.

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5) Fill in the blanks.
By this i mean if theres a particular topic you only know the basis of, its likely you need to find out more, so research! use google to your disposal, take advantage! You could also ask your teachers/ professors for the topic list so you can go through it in your own time more thoroughly. Also, i recommend rewriting things in your own words and create summaries at the end of each topic to help yourself gain a better understanding of the text.

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6) Study
There are so many resources that you can use to your own disposal whether its to focus, find out information or memorise.
To memorise I recommend writing out things like key terms on flash cards and writing the meaning on the opposite side. This will make it easier for you or somebody else to test you. There are also apps such as Forest which can keep you from distracting yourself on your phone. Forest is an app that lets you grow trees for as long as two hours each time (REMEMBER, BREAKS!) and if you exit the app, the tree will die. Listening to music that helps you focus or relaxes you can also help.

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7) Taking the time to do some exercise or even some light yoga or meditation is also another way of keeping you focused and since it releases endorphins it will also make you happier and feel motivated to get more things done.

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That's it from me, until next time! <3

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