Hi! Soooo...this is my very first article and I'm super exited but at the same time little scared, but mostly really exited! I should probably introduce myself to you my lovelies

Hello, my name is Aino. Yes Aino (and it's pronounced "I Know") weird I know, but I'm from Finland so our names and language is really strange and different from English.

I love my me-time if you know what I mean. I love to be alone and just relax with cup of coffee.
I have a cat, he's name is Sulo and he's really cute :3 Of course he's cute, cats can't be not cute. It's just not possible in the law of physics.
I have no idea what else to write, so shall we then just jump right into today's article?

Alright then, yes we shall.

I cherish my alone time and I love my me-time Sundays when I can just be relaxed and do some sweet shit. And 'cause I'm really nice person I would like to introduce you to this really cool and super secret (not after this) routine I have when I just want to relax on my me-time Sunday :) You're welcome

1 Sunday morning coffees

I love coffee, I live with coffee, coffee is my best friend. I start every morning with a cup of coffee... haha you wish. I start my morning with four cup of coffees! :D
I wake up about 8 am in Sundays 'cause school has changed my inner clock. So yeah I'm an early bird.
So I wake up, go to the bathroom, do my "beauty" routine which really is just go to pee, wash your face, brush your teeth and that's it. And you can't really call it beauty routine 'cause it makes no difference than make my bladder empty and mouth smelling fresh.
After this "beauty" routine I go to make coffee. Yeah now we got to the point where I actually wake up. I love the sound of my coffee machine and I'm just really happy every time I hear my coffee on the making
I pour my coffee into a cup and I drink it with little bit of oat milk. Ah just perfect, I can almost taste the coffee in my tongue...

coffee, book, and drink image

2 pancakes....

There's nothing that I love even more than pancakes... No actually yes there is: coffee and taco's, oh and tortillas. Yes but I also love pancakes and I have this amazing vegan pancake recipe that's super simple and I think it's also pretty healthy if you don't put any non healthy toppings, which I actually do... Oh well.

2 dl / 0. 80 cups of oat milk or other non dairy milk
2 dl / 0.80 cups of natural soy yogurt or again some other non dairy product
2 dl / 0.80 cups of flour it doesn't matter what flour, basic white or some gluten free
1 teaspoon of baking powder

I usually put some sliced banana, frozen blueberry's and maple syrup on the top. And I bet some peanut butter on the top would taste also delicious.

pancakes and food image

3 A good book

Ah it's weird to write so many times "love" on this article but hell let's just do it! I LOVE books. I couldn't live without them. They are so wonderful therapy or better to say that they are great way to escape from your real life and work you have to get done. My heart is filled with story lines I love and I can't even count them. Okay I'm getting too excited, so let's not get too into books right now... But here's some books I recommend you to read!

Throne of class - Sarah J Maas
The bone season - Samantha Shannon
Angelfall - Susan Ee
Daughter of smoke & bone - Laini Taylor
The Forest of Hands and teeth - Carrie Ryan

and the list goes on and on...

book, travel, and reading image

4 Netflix and Chill, by myself

Do you know anything better than a good series and some delicious snacks? Yeah, me too, but I have to say that watching Netflix is pretty awesome. I love (again the word love.) to get cozy on my bed with soft blankets, pillows and my cat. Then I'll eat some nachos or other really good snacks while watching a really good series.

Here's some of my favorite TV-shows and I'm going to apologize already that some of them are probably not on Netflix or not at least in Finland's Netflix.

Game of Thrones - IT'S A REALLY FREAKING GOOD AND ADDICTING SHOW that I watched in two weeks. I know I need help...

Supernatural - Can we just talk about Jensen's, Misha's and Jared's cute children?

Family Guy - ...Luckily there's a family guy, luckily there's a man who positively can do all the things that make us laugh and cry....

Gilmore Girls - now this is a show that is worth binge watching

Friends - I. Don't. Even. Have. To. Tell. You. Any. Other. Reasons. To. Watch. This. Show. Than. Just. This. One.... Chandler's really bad sarcastic comments.

Black Mirror - Mind Blown

Mindhunter - Just watch. I mean, yeah watch it.

and again, the list goes on and on...
Oh and here's also a list of good snacks:
- Apple and peanut butter
- just peanut butter
- nachos, salsa and guacamole¨
- tacos
- chips with a good dip
- chocolate
- fruit
- icecream

dog, netflix, and puppy image

5 and the last, but not the least... A BATH

I just love (I NEED TO STOP USING WORD LOVE) a good old bubble bath with a glass of red wine... just kidding I'm under aged. Kid's don't drink alcohol!
Okay so not red wine, but some water or tea would be nice. And in my case I need a TV-show/ movie / or YouTube video to watch 'cause I'm too restless and a book would be too precious to bring close to water :)

Imagine a tub full of hot water and bubbles and some scented candles...oh, wait no, the candles are on the counter not in the tub. My bad...

relax, bubble bath, and candle image

Okay it's the end of this article! I hoped you like this and pleeeease don't be too critical 'cause this was my first article! I would love to make more of these 'cause I really enjoyed making this one and I would love to share you my opinions and tricks and tips for anything! If you want to, I mean I don't have to... My tips are usually not so great but... I would loved to write more articles!

And here's some love for you <3, from your fellow awkward teenager Aino :)

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