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Four months ago I didn't even know what a latte, expresso, capuccino was, seriously, I used to see all types of name but for me all were coffee.

After reading, investigating, I know a lot of about coffee and I have a to be honest, I am a coffee adict, I can't go to sleep if I don't drink around 2-3 coffees.

And yeah now that coffee is really trendy, I'd like everyone to know the most famous coffees and what they are made of.


This is the most famous coffee in Instagram! With almost 3 million posts with the hashtag LATTE, and well this is my main favorite coffee too.

Basically Latte is made with Espresso (one shot), Steamed milk (its no neccesary steamed milk, it can be all types of milk, I drink my latte with almond milk) and Milk foam.

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The best thing about latte is when the milk combines with the espresso, totally beautiful!


This beautiful coffee is my second favorite, and they are made with the same ingredients! The difference is that Cappuccino contains a lot of milk froth, while latte has very little milk froth.

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Use the first pic as your wallpaper if you're a coffee adict.


Espresso is another famous coffee, I always see business men drinking espresso, I'm not a big fan of it but lets be honest, it helps a lot when all you want to do is sleep but you can't.

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I've never tried a Mocha, which I feel waul because the ingredients are amazings! Basically Mocha is made of Espresso(one shot), Chocolate, Milk and milk foam, and mooore foam!

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Ice coffee

This is one of the most famous, iced coffee has become in one of the most trendy coffees ever! It's basically made of Syrup in the bottom, Mocha sauce, espresso, chilled milk, Ice and a lot of foam.

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So this was my article! If you want more of this heart this article!

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