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Hey loves! My Spring Break has just started, so I thought I could make a Spring Cleaning Guide. Spring is one of the best times to clean up a little bit! It’s time to put away all of the extra blankets, warm clothes and cozy decorations, and bring in more spring-like items! You can clean anytime really, and I recommend tidying up at least once a month. So let’s get into it :)


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•Go through all your apps and delete the ones you don’t use

•Delete old contacts

•Go through your photos & delete ones you don’t like or need

•Sort through your emails/texts

•Clean your phone & phone case

•Social media cleanse- unfollow/unadd people you don’t talk to, you don’t know, and/or don’t like. You’re better off only having people you truly care about, because they care about you too. Also unfollow celebs you don’t watch, listen to, or care about anymore. You don’t need all the extra people!


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•Change your bed sheets & pillowcases, make your bed and start laundry

•Take out your trash/recycling & pick up any trash in your room and throw it out

•Clean all hard surfaces with a washcloth or disinfectant: Dresser, bookshelf, mirror, windows etc.

•Go through your bookshelf or any other place you may have random things and see if you want or need to get rid of anything

•Vacuum last in case anything fell on the floor


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•Clean out your closet & donate any clothes you don’t wear anymore

•Replace your winter clothes with your spring clothes

•Rearrange your clothes: color coded hangers, clothing color, etc.


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•Throw away old and expired makeup

•Clean your makeup brushes

•Get rid of perfumes, lotions, body scrubs, etc that you don’t use/are old

•Buy a new toothbrush

•Clean out your hair brush/buy a new hair brush

•Replace your loofa

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this helpful in some way! Don't forget to smile and keep your head held high! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!
Xoxo, Jess :)

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