Why is it so hard?! Why do I always disappoint people?! Why am I not what everybody wants me to be?!
Do you get these thoughts quite often? You've tried getting rid of them but no matter what happens they still cling on to you? I mean they do to me and I've always aimed for perfection to capture attention from the rest, but it never seemed to workout ever no matter how hard I've tried because I wasn't original. I've feared failure, I've feared loneliness, I've mistaken myself for an angel, I've forgotten that I'm a human. Here I am today I've found the better me and i started to love myself. Here's how


It's the first and the easiest step. Always smile, no matter what it is just smile. Whenever I failed at anything and thought it was funny I was too scared to smile at my mistake because I thought people would call me a dummy and since then it was hard for me to accept failure.Now Let me remind you that through failure you learn, and always use your failure as your inspiration
Life is short smile while you still have teeth

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Its the best make-up any girl can wear

Write Them Down

write what down? write down what you have and what others don't because no one and by no one I mean no one has everything. No one is flawless, even the one that could pop up in your head right now while reading this thinking his/her is perfect no they aren't. They still have little things that bother them and things that they want. Always be thankful for what you've gotten, there are people out there who envy you.Once you've noted them always look at them once you're feeling down

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Try meditating quite often. Reach to your inner voice and think of all the little things that makes you smile. It could be the time your crush smiled at you >_< or that moment you aced good grades anything that could make you smile. Don't tell you've been having bad days often even in bad days you'll find a god moment

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Hangout Quite Often

Hangout I know you can all notice the out in hangout don't tell me you hangout in your room, your room is in. Leave the house and have partner with you if you can also no lie but you can be your best partner hanging out alone with yourself is not as bad as you think, it's quite fun

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Have as much fun as you can

This was my first article. I hope you've enjoyed it as I've enjoyed it too. Also remember to worry about loving yourself instead of worrying about people loving you