i haven't done an article in a while and i am still brainstorming for more ideas. i think i might make one on summer bops and the other on vintage songs that i really like. my favorite article topic, though, is color. so i decided that i was going to do an aesthetic organization of flowers that make up the colors of the rainbow. enjoy!


rose, flowers, and red image book, fashion, and flowers image Image by Intricate Syndacate Image by LiZa CalyPse


orange, flowers, and aesthetic image aesthetic, indie, and nature image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image


flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image flowers, yellow, and vans image yellow, flowers, and rose image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image


flowers, green, and roses image etsy, preserved flowers, and preserved bouquet image aesthetic, alternative, and art image beautiful, flowers, and green image


flowers and blue image Image by Marina Chiska flowers, blue, and hand image beautiful, flower, and flowers image


flowers, nature, and blue image rose, blue, and flowers image flowers, blue, and envelope image beauty, indigo, and memory's image


purple, flowers, and rose image flowers, tulips, and purple image flowers and purple image flowers, sunflower, and violet image

voila! i hope you liked this. don't be afraid to send me a postcard on ideas! i really like writing articles, and would love to have a topic for some more. have a beautiful day, my lovelies!