Hello everybody!
I'm Louisa and it's my first article so I chose to present me !

1. I'm from France

I am from the south of the France, exactly. It's a beautiul country, especially in the east-south, I find ~

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Paris, the beautiful capital city of the France, the beach of the South, the architecture, the forest ...

2. I'm a highschool student

I study literary courses because I love reading, and math are not my favorite class xD And later, I want to be an event project manager because I would like to organize weddings or trips!

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To be a wedding planner would be fabulous because I will be able to make people happy! And to organize trips is really cool to because I love discover new cities, countries...

3. I am a fan of movies and TV series ~

Like a lot of people I guess ^^ My favorites series are Skins, Game of Thrones, Desperate Housewives.
And for films, my list is sooooo long! But, actually, my favorites are Breath in, Gone Girl, Marvel's films, Zodiac, hunger Games and Harry Potter series.

4. I wear high-heeled shoes

I always wear high-heeled shoes because I feel small and my friends are tall!

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5. Summer

The perfect season for me is Summer! I love the beach, the heat of summer, the atmosphere, the sun...

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6. Favorites food

I like many things but I'm found of coffee, fruits especially grapefruit and blueberry, Asian food and eggs~ What about you?

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It looks so good !!

7. I am a bit shy

it was when I was smaller I shut myself up, but now I'm not really shy anymore because I wanted to change and I managed to be really myself.

8. The music

I'm found of the music. And I can say that it's my life. I can't do anything without music (except when I'm in class xD) I like so many genre and I thing I'm going to post articles about the music that I listen actually~

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9. Drawing

I love drawing and at school, I take the option plastic art to have more time to draw, paint and express myself ...

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10. I would like to travel a lot

To discover new countries, new cultures .... and to make a road trip.

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So, it's finish! I hope you enjoy this article and don't hesitate to react!
Bye, talk to you soon :*