Doing cosmetic procedures to your face/body is totally your own decision and I'm not promoting it. We are all perfect the way we are and you don't need to change anything about yourself.

I have always had an issue with my upper lip. My bottom lip is naturally quite large, but well my upper lip was not. When I smiled my upper lip disappeared so I had a gummy-smile. This and my lips being really unbalanced was the thing that really bothered me.
Last week I finally decided to do something about it. I called and booked a time to get my lip filled.

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How the appointment went:
I got to the place and the lady who did my lips looked at them and was agreeing with me that the unbalance was bad. I payed for 1ml of filler. We numbed my lips and started filling. This time we only filled my upper lip. We put about 0,6ml of filler in there. The needle didn't really hurt, but the filler going in stinged. We booked a new appointment for me to come in so we would put the remaining 0.4ml of filler to my lips then. We didn't want to put it all in once so I could live with it for couple of days and see where I wanted to put the rest. My lip swell a tiny bit the next day, but not much and I didn't bruise at all.

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The next appointment:
Again we numbed my lips and talked about where I want to put the remaining filler. We fixed some uneveness on my upper lip and made everything as close to a perfect as we could. This time it hurt less, but I was more nervous. Again a little swelling happened and no bruising.

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I'm really happy about the results! No one has noticed that I had something done. People have said to me that I look especially pretty and good, but no one has been able to point out what has changed. But I can see a major change my self.
So my experience was amazing and totally worth it.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any!
Lots of love and hope you enjoyed my story.

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