This is the last one of this challenge. I have no idea who started this but I really liked doing this! I hope you enjoy too!

▪️ Truth Or Dare? ▪️ Truth
▪️ Roller Coaster Or Ferris Wheel? ▪️ Neither.

fun, Roller Coaster, and rollercoaster image Mature image

▪️ Leather Or Denim? ▪️ Denim
▪️ Stripes Or Solids? ▪️ Solids

Image removed red orange yellow, purple black white, and green blue pink image

▪️ Bagels Or Muffins? ▪️ Muffins
▪️ Whole Wheat Or White? ▪️ Whole Wheat

carrots, food, and food photography image food, avocado, and healthy image

▪️ Beads Or Pearls? ▪️ Pearls
▪️ Hardwood Or Carpet? ▪️ Hardwood

home decor, open kitchen, and kitchen image tile care, flooring expert, and hardwood flooring care image

▪️ Bright Colors Or Neutral Tones? ▪️ Neutral Tones
▪️ Be Older Than You Are Or Younger Than You Are? ▪️ Older than I am

bare, black, and all grown up image being 'grown up' image

▪️ Raisins Or Nuts? ▪️ Nuts
▪️ Picnic Or A Nice Restaurant? ▪️ Nice Restaurant

food, delicious, and dinner image food and pizza image

▪️ Black Leather Or Brown Leather? ▪️ Black Leather
▪️ Long Hair Or Short Hair? ▪️ Long Hair

brown, long hair, and pink image hair, Nina Dobrev, and brunette image

▪️ "Ready, Aim, Fire" Or "Ready, Fire, Aim"? ▪️ "Ready, Aim, Fire"
▪️ Fiction Or Non-Fiction? ▪️ Fiction

josh hutcherson, peeta mellark, and mockingjay image Image by BrokenBones

▪️ Smoking Or Non-Smoking? ▪️ Non-Smoking
▪️ Think Before You Talk Or Talk Before You Think? ▪️ Think Before You Talk

black & white, girl, and nice image be, free, and thinking image

▪️ Asking Questions Or Answering Questions? ▪️ Asking Questions
▪️ Sea Or Mountains? ▪️ Mountains

the hobbit, hobbit, and mountains image bird, cloud, and elf image