Apologies in advance this one is going to be very boring sorry.

I go to hell..uh I mean school
-1st hour: U.S History aka the class I almost fall asleep in every day
-2nd hour: It's kinda like a study hall/free period and I've had nothing to do the past two weeks so I just watch Netflix.
-3rd hour: Bible because I go to a christian school but hey it's better than public school
-4th hour: English
-My favorite time, lunch
-5th hour: Another English class
-6th hour: The worst of them all, the class I hate so much, math

Daria, school, and sleep image

Then finally I get to go home where I watch some YouTube videos, start my homework, I cry because of my homework, repeat until I go to sleep.

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Very boring yes.
It's a day late but yesterday sucked and I wasn't even going to do this one because of how boring my life is.
Also I didn't include the obvious things because well that would make it more boring.