I might be a bit ignorant about the fact that you and I are not sisters, but I'm never going to ignore the fact that you and I act like we are. It's true that you're six years older than me, but when we're together it's like you're a year older.

Finally it's time...time for you to wear you white dress, hold a bunch of red flowers in your hand, wear your heels, and have the most beautiful hairstyle and makeup on.

It feel like...I don't know. You're grown and matured now, which drives me crazy. It feels like you were seventeen yesterday, seriously.

If you're reading this, please know that I love you, and I'm always here to help you, and I "promise" that I would never let you down or do something to hurt you. I trust
you, and all I can tell you in this case is "you can trust me".

Enjoy your life, it's too short. Do whatever you want, you gonna live once (as long as it the right thing to do).

Your cousin,
M**a (teenageronline)xx