"Make a list of your three favorite books."

I'm not a big reader, so this was fairly easy.

3. To Be Young and In Love by Juju Rotfuchs (On ao3)
This was a fanfiction that didn't feel like a fanfiction. It uses a few characters from Yuri!!! On Ice to convey the feeling of being young and in love. Yuri is a young androgynous man living in a tiny little town where dreams go to die. He passes the time dancing, getting all sorts of drunk, and working at a tacky diner. A mysterious man on a motorcycle keeps coming back for him. The biggest theme I took away was trust. Yuri had been so hurt and dammaged by the abandonment of his mother that he finds it difficult to accept that anyone loves him. It's based on the song by Lana Del Rey, which is just as heavy as the book itself. The night after I read it, I woke up in a cold sweat because it had me so emotionally distraught. It's that strong. Because its not canon, you can read it without knowing anything about Yuri on Ice. I will warn you that English is not the author's first language, but I don't think the mistakes ruin the integrity of the story.

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2. A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway is my favorite author of all time, and this is my favorite book of his. It is the first I ever read from him. I'm not typically into war stories, but it evolves into a romance, and ends tragically (if you're suspecting a theme of catharsis in my favorite literature, you're not wrong). A WWI American ambulance driver gets injured, and falls for a British nurse. They go through all sorts of trials which test the protagonist on his own sense of masculinity, all whilst fighting for love like it's the real war.

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1. Looking For Alaska By John Green
We've all read this book, so I won't delve too deep into it. It's not a wildly complicated story, just your typical introvert dude falling for a girl that's way too much for him, but it hit me hard. I was the Alaska of all my friends. I was the one with the horrible past and who acted out because of it. What they didn't understand is that I was a deeply unhappy person. So it was again, catharsis, to have that ending. It was a coming of age for me to (spoiler alert) see that character, that piece of me, disappear.

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Alaska kind of reminds me of Effy, don't you think?