Hey guys, what's up? 💕Today I'm writing this article because I wanted to give you a few more examples of what Latin Poetry (and in particular Latin Love Poetry) is.
In order to do that, I decided to enlist some of the women - however fantasized, enriched in their features and possibly very distant from the historical figures, whose name we've mostly lost - celebrated by the [Latin] Elegia, a literary trend that took over from Catullus and the Greeks. They mostly chanted love as an exclusive and all-consuming experience, and their actual relatioships were often doomed to a sad end. Let's begin.

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1. L y c o r i s

( or L i c o r i d e , if you prefer the Italian way, pronouncing the e as in the word "end" and stressing the o ). I mention her first because she was the first (though least known) Elegiaci Poet's one true love, Cornelius Gallus. We apprhend elsewhere that he committed suicide in the age of Emperor Augustus for political reasons, but his psych had already been largely affected by Lycoris' betrayal and elopment with another love. The name of this exquisite girl means liquerice, and we've got just one not-so-clear line left, among the ones Cornelius must have dedicated to her, in which the poet recalls the state of mental, phisical and social distress the girl made him fall into.

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2. C y n t h i a

( real name Hostia ??) She's the woman (almost certainly a courtesan, that is to say a not noble, unwed mistress who merely made ends meet by living next to a wealthy lover ) that made poet Propertius' head spin in life and in death; he described her as a tall, red-haired girl with black eyes that seemed to sparkle and smooth, very sensual hands. She put a lot of effort in her clothing (to emphasize her voluptuous figure) and make up,which Propertius considered a little too excessive, and she was perfectly able to play the lyre and write poetry, as well: a very dangerous combination of natural elegance and stilted seduction techniques. However, what she did to make a living soon affected her relationship with the poet, stirring up a devastating jealousy in him that eventually led to their break up. To tell the truth, Propertius' personality and, consequently, work were more complex than that, reflecting his inner conflict and society's pressures: it was for a mix of these factors that he imagined Cynthia's ghost haunting him from Hell, scolding him and reminding him the miserable mortal fate he was supposed to face too.

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3 D e l i a and N e m e s i s

Two women, one poet: no, he didn't date them at the same time. Albius Tibullus fell in love with Delia first and truly believed they could have lived a long, peaceful life in the coutryside, as the girl would have been perfectly satisfied with the simple and genuine lifestyle of a noble-farmer (it was a dream-like condition many poets longed for, but it also dated back to the simplicity and the morality of Archaic Rome, when practising agricolture for aristocrats was a sign of purity and uncorrupted habits). Obviously Delia, for her part, wasn't so glad at the thought, and mercilessly passed onto the next lover. Nemesis - whose name recalls the goddess of fair punishment - was Tibullus' second love, and, though as passionate as his feelings for Delia, it is implied that this time the poet was not blind in front of Nemesis' expensive taste, frequent requests and claims, so he probably knew from the start that this "rough love" wouldn't have lasted long.
Tibullus seemed more relaxed in his poetry and social life than Propertius, yet we know from the letter poet Horace addressed to him that in his very last years - he died young, of course - he suffered from what is described as melancholy
(probably a form of severe depression) , living alone among those fields he wished so intensely to share with his loved one.

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That would be all for now, guys. Hope you liked it 🌼