I got this idea from these articles 👇🏻

1. Coffee or Tea

b&w, black and white, and tea image aesthetic, coffee, and white image

2. Winter or Summer

Image removed girl, flowers, and sunflower image

3. Spring or Autumn

flowers, spring, and pink image spring image

4. Pepsi or Coca-Cola

cocacola, color, and power image bag, cocacola, and dancer image

5. Pink or Blue

aesthetic, flowers, and rose image pink, adidas, and shoes image
Pink is my favourite colour

6. Morning or Night

architecture, black, and cities image Image by Elerea

7. Spotify or Apple Music

nails, iphone, and pink image earbuds, vogue, and luxyysquad image
Apple music

8. Sweets or Chocolate

aesthetic, food, and alternative image chocolate, dessert, and food image

9. Mini golf or Bowling

bowling, chill, and girls image bowling image

10. Stay Up Late or Wake Up Early

bedroom, home, and luxury image
Stay up late lol I hate mornings

Thank you for reading ta ta xx