life can drive us to diffrents paths ... sometimes it forces us to take some specifics roads that we're not okey with them but in each time we start complaining we forgot that those are god's plans sometimes we feel good about it and sometimes we don't we forgot that god always test our faith our believe and our spirit ... Weither it's good or bad i always feel that im not that faithful person that i supposed to be because i can loose it all at one punch i can be cruel when i should be peaceful to push people think what drives her to stay calm when she should explose ... i turn to a crying baby when i should be a strong person with a matures reactions.... i took wrongs decisons based on emotions and feelings when i supposed to think logicaly ... where am i going ? a question that came to my mind most of the time and when i start thinking i see that im going towards depression , broken heart, broken soul and what hurt the most is that i keep going and i keep going and i don't stop to check myself and decide to change the road or change the weak me ..... i should stop even if i stay in my place i think it's better than being in wrongs places in life !