Hello Lovely Hearters!

I have seen everyone trying the 'my name in colours challenge' and I thought that I'll come up with something different. So......I came up with this! #mynameingemstones !(okay...um..i know I sound like a youtuber). But anyways, this is it:

I am Steffi :)


blue, jewel, and sapphire image Image by MELINDA WORREN
Sapphire is said to be one of the most precious stones. It looks so idyllic after it's polished and carved(left picture).

T- opaz

gem, topaz, and gemstone image gemstones, precious, and topaz image
Topaz is found in plenty of different colours and I love the way it looks unpolished.


Temporarily removed emerald, gold, and jewelry image
Emerald is also one of the rarest gemstones and it's green colour is really attractive. I love it because it looks so majestic and sublime. (I wish I had one XD)


Temporarily removed geology, minerals, and feldespato image
Feldspar is often found in pale colours but the colour and appearance is pretty quirky and gratifying to me.


crystal image Temporarily removed
Fluorite is so appealing and fetching! It looks so radiant and graceful. I wish I had at least a little of this asthetically pleasing stone too ;)


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Iolite is a very winsome stone. It's appearance is quite alluring and gives me pacifying and peppy vibes at the same time.

Thank you for clicking on and reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay happy lovely hearters and remember:

"Diamond was just a rock before it came under intense pressure."