Being creative is not that hard we just need to follow our hearts and do what we love. This time I will tell you loves how a day looks like from 20 years old student who lives in as I would say the most creative and amazing city in world London

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I will tell you how my busiest day in a week looks like :)

Tuesday not as bad as Monday but still one of the busiest days in a week. My day begins around 7 a.m. because I live with my lovely boyfriends but we girls know how hard is to get up this early XOXO

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The first thing I do is to check my social media, then after 10 min. I try to roll out of my bed and eat breakfast because my lectures start quite early so in need to have the energy for that.

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After this routine, I see that I'm quite late and then everything happens in fast movie makeup, clothes, bag, books, bus, university...

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I have lectures from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. day starts from ICT seminar then lecture and after 3 hours finally, I have a break me and my loveliest friends always go for a coffee and Starbucks is that place.

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After a break, we go to Marketing then break again and last one and the hardest lecture of them all is ACCOUNTING :(

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finally bus....... and I'm at home. There's nothing better when after a long day you come home and the loved one is waiting for you and even dinner is ready ( his what I call a true LOVE). After all of this, i just take a bath, scrool into my bed and as we all do its time for NETFLIX

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Well, that's it. this is one day in my life nothing fancy just harmony. hope that you liked it and thank you for reading

With love,