I'm so tired of these amazing, smart, beautiful women being stifled by abusive relationships. We all want to find the love of our lives but that doesn't mean that we have to try so hard to make it work when it clearly isn't. If it doesn't feel right that's not your fault! You woman and young girls have so much more to offer than what you are getting the chance to. If he's telling you that your dreams and ideas are stupid or even if he just questioning like "you really think that's going to work out?" he's manipulating you. No one deserves to feel invalidated like that. I know it's hard to speak up believe me. I don't want to be that girl who says "lol idk" anymore. I want to be the girl that says "why can't it work out for me?" I might be alone (and yes I get lonely) but I'd rather feel alone occasionally than feel like I'm not my own person, that I'm not my own mind and ideas. It hurts me that little girls grow up thinking if someone invalidates you sometimes that's okay because at least you have a prom date. You are so bright so amazing. There's things about you that no one else has. Why can't it be you? There are days that everyone has when they feel ugly or stupid, unlovable. That is not something you are born believing. It is something we've all trained ourselves to accept. Well I'm done. Are you?

You can shatter the world with your will. Embrace it. It's okay to put yourself first every now and then.