It's not that I forgot to post yesterday. I was too tired due to an exam I sat for.

Now it's time to say hello!

My brain died yesterday, so I'm going to do my best since I have to catch up and post twice today. Yaay! -dies-.

Day 5. "Write five facts about yourself."

This is the worst topic ever. Like, I'm not in the mood.

Let's start with it.

1. I can be a huge pain in the ass.

funny, hate, and me image
Like, really, I mean, if you know me, you probably can't stand me.

2. I feel sad, more than I'd like to admit.

anime, quotes, and Neon Genesis Evangelion image
I really don't know if there's an explanation of this.

3. I'm really messy.

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Not only my mind, but my room. And my house. And, like, everything that surrounds me.

4. My dog is my favourite thing in this world.

Temporarily removed
It's not actually my dog, but it's a Golden just like my baby girl. Brenda, I love you.

5. I like to help people that's struggling with what's going on in their lives.

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I hate seeing people sad. I believe that if you see someone struggling, we should be kind and ask if they're OK and if there's something we can do for them. Maybe all they need is a warm hug or to be heard. Don't turn your back on others.

That's all. See you in a little bit.