You know I wouldn't get out of here soon. Not today, nor tomorrow. While I'm waiting to be free from my demons around me, I will keep it steady, with myself and others. I'm trying to be more peaceful and started to meditate because it makes me feel calmer than usual. I'm trying to focus on the future, who I am now and who I want to become. I'm also trying to not show too much me, because they don't deserve it.
I'm just simply trying to get out of her, as soon as I can.

The other ones, who broke out of the prison often give me the same advice, to just break out. I'm supposingly not doing the right thing with staying here because the other ones, broke out and never got captured again. At least not everyone.
If I'm being really honest, I also don't want to stay here. I want to thrive, run and simply be free. But if I told you that I would break the law with breaking out of this prison, you would see me as the bad guy. The one who broke the law and couldn't behave.

I want nothing more than peace in my life. I don't want to see those four walls over and over again. I don't want those demons around me, who are constantly listening to what I'm saying, writing, reading and watching. I feel terrified here, not only in this prison but with the people who are living here with me.

If I told you that prison is my body, would you still think that I should follow today's society?