I wanted them to see
the scars on my body
cause even though
they didn't hurt anymore,
I was hurting.
I was in pain,
and that kind of pain
can not disappear
after a couple of weeks
or month.
It stays for a
long, long time
and even though it fades away,
it's never really gone.
When you have forgotten about it,
a sudden thought brings
every memory back to your mind,
and with these memories,
comes back the pain.
The pain, that you thought you've
forgotten about,
that you were so dumb to think
"it's finally gone
and I can be happy."

Whether you see them or not,
the scars are on me,
they're a part of me,
they belong to me.
You might see me smiling
but I'm still waiting for the minute
when I ca honestly say:
"I am happy now."