being a suicidal person is not about being weak , it's more like falling in love with negatives thoughts , which drive you to go insane.
and that's the point , you just start to be selfish and altruistic at the same time! you don't hate your self , you just hate the soul and the body in you !

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everything around is more interesting than your life , but the worst thing ever, is the fact that you start to be kind and so gentel with others , you don't want them to fall in love with negativity and u do everything for that, maybe because you are jealous or just cause you know what it's look like : wearing a mask and pretending that everything is okay !

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You are drowning inside , all the feelings in you are like the deepest ocean in the earth , breathing becomes so hard to do , you stopped screaming long time ago because no one hearded you even in a place full of people !

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Overthinking and insanity becomes a part of your self, impossible to chass , So the only solution to stop them , is by stopping your your self too .

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