so im reallyyyyyy short, especially for a 16 year old. i don't know how tall exactly, but lets just say I'm not even 5ft. yeah. I'm really small and I know I'm not the only one. maybe you aren't as short as me, maybe you're shorter. maybe you aren't short at all, but you know someone who experiences the same thing as all short girls which is wE CANT FIT IN ANY OF THE CLOTHES THEY SELL IN STORES AND IF THEY DO FIT THEY'RE TOO BAGGY OR TOO LONG OR SOMETHING BECAUSE LITERALLY NO ONE TAILORS FOR SHORTER GIRLS HHGHJSGSHG.

if ANYONE knows of any fashion tips or stores to shop at for shorter girls please please tell me because im so sick and tired of hating my height, something I can barely control, I hate being self conscious of it and I really want to be more confident ughghghghghh.

- minty <3