1.The Walking Dead

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It's one of the greatest series i've ever seen. Why? It's full of the mistery and action. Futhermore, everyone can watch it and will not be dissapointed. It containes action, romance, plot twists and much more.
The plot takes place in America and focuses on the world after a zombie apocalipse. The main character, policeman Rick Grimes, wakes up after a shooting in a lost hospital. Shortly, he find out that the whole city is abandoned and his family leave to find shelter. He decided to find his wife and little son, and soon he became a leader of a group, who is trying to survive.
Totally worth watching, because of the masters of characterization and the other really important works, that sometimes we didn't notice at all. Now, I'm watching the 8th season and I can tell that it's one of the best shows in the history.

2. Supernatural

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Thats something new for me, because even if i knew that there are series like that I didn't saw anything special in it. But about a 2 weeks ago I decided to start a new TV series to rest from the others I've watched. That was a brilliant idea. I have chosen Supernatural and now I'm very glad about it.
Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, servived from a fire in their early childhood. It was coased by a demon, who killed their mom that night. Now, their dad is missing and Dean convinces Sam to join him. There are fighting with a lot of demons hoping to find the one who killed their mother and at the same time there are looking for John (father).
Its really addictive series and I encorage you to watch it. The mistery atmosphere hold your attention and you want it more and more.

3.The Flash

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I'm not the kind of girl, who loves comics, but i think i could totally read some. But in my city there aren't comics shops, so I decided to watch TV series first. It's a show, that I'm watching when I'm bored and looking for something different than normal world. Okey, I admit, all of the series that I'm watching are totally different, but this one is about superheroes and which girl don't like the heroes?
So Berry Allen, who is police investigator in NY, one day if hit by a flash (caused by aparticle accelerator eplosion) and he falls into a coma for a couple months. Afer that he reconises that he is super-fast and the uses this to fight crimes. His team; Cisco Ramon, dr. Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow helps him to master his superpowers.

4. The secret circle

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Story based on L.J. Smith's novela. Perfect mixture of a mistery, fantasy, romance and mayby kinda horror.
Cassie Blake moved to a small town to live with her grandmom, after a horrible fire in her family house. In a new school, she meet Faye, Dianna, Mellisa, Dawn and Adam. Then, some strange stuff is happening and she is way too confused. Her friends explain her, why she is slowly changing. The whole group is posterity of a old witches lineage and they need to learn how to use their powers. There are meeting in a small cottage in a forest and practicing for some kind of "dark hours", which is approaching.
I'm very dissapointed, because this tv series has only 1 season and i feel kinda hungry. The book is brilliant, but I think both are worth attention.


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Based on Cassandra Clare books, but if you want something more similiar to book I recommend watching film; "The Mortal Instruments; City of Bones".
Series focus on a group of shadowhunters, which are people who hunting for demons and creatures such as vampires or warewolfes. There are also other threads, like forbidden love, fighting with your own demons or even homosexuality.
Althought I'm not up to date I really like this series, becous I love the world which I can observe there; vampires, fearie. It's fun to sometimes get out of the normal world.