Day 2. "Write five facts about yourself."

These facts are superficial but thats why there are facts.

But anyway.

1.) I am from Germany and live in Hamelin. (the Pied Piper of Hamelin MAYBE you know)

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2.) I love art (Kúnst). I am in love with render in watercolor and make every mistake into art. The biggest art in my eyes are sunrises and sunsets. We are faced with art everyday we just have to let it sink and get into it.

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3.) I am 17 years old and born on the 21 of september 2000.

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4.) My hobby is dancing ballet. I dance since i am 6 years old. Its the perfect balance for me, i have a best ballet buddy and i just dance two times in the week but its enough for me.

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5.) I have blue eyes with orange sprincles and brown hair with natural blond strands. I know its not that special but i like it. Most times i have a bun because i dont really like open hair.

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