Hi, hello, hey.
Well this is the new me!
If you couldn't already tell, this is my first article (whoop!). I have had many blogs in the past but could never really find the best way to express myself through posts. That was until I discovered weheartit. Photography is my passion and by having two things I love (writing and photos) in one place, I call that a win-win. Anyway enough rambling, here is 10 facts about me in photos:)

dog, animal, and coffee image
1. I love dogs <3
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2. I have brown, curly hair like the photo
makeup, eye, and beauty image
3. I have blue eyes
beach, beautiful, and sea image
4. Summer is my favourite season - although it used to be winter
bowl, caramel, and chocolate image
5. I'm kinda addicted to chocolate-oops
fitness, girl, and abs image
6. but I do really like fitness and healthy eating
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7. I procrastinate a lot ( which is what I'm doing now-oops again) but I'm trying to get better
flowers, pink, and tulips image
8. my Instagram is @dearmadz_ which is where I post all my photos and inspiration also!
travel, city, and dior image
9. to travel the world would be my ultimate dream and I really want to work in a job that requires exploring the world
girls, hair, and inspo image
10. Last but by no means least, I want to be happy ( not only with pizza) but life in general, nowadays its so easy to become caught up in expectations and stress. I've now vowed to myself that no matter what, my happiness and wellbeing comes first and so should yours too xx

Anyway thank you for taking your time to read this little post,
I hope you have an amazing day,
lyl x