► Cookies or cake? Cake

► Cat or dog? Dog

► Computer games or video games? Computer games

► Stuff animals or dolls? None I am scared of both

► Hot chocolate or coffee? Coffee

► Morning or evening? Evening

► Day or night? Night

► Text message or call? Text

► Library or museums? Library. I love to read books

► French or Spanish? None

► Summer or winter? Summer

► Love or money? Money

► Book or movie? Movie

► Tea or coffee? Coffee

► Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

► Rain or snow? Rain. I have never experienced snow

► Car or motorcycle? Car

► Comedy or horror? Horror

► Hamburger or hot dog? Hamburger

► Paper or plastic? Paper

► Boat or plane? None

► Painting or drawing? Drawing

► Reading or writing? Both

► Singing or dancing? Both

► T-Shirts or sweaters? Sweaters

► Flowers or trees? Trees

► Phone or computer? Computer

► Brown or black hair? Black

► Lions or Bears? Bears

► Milk or juice? Juice

► Gold or silver? Silver

► Google or Bing? Bing

► Frozen yogurt or ice cream? Ice cream

► Blue or green eyes? None

► Witches or wizards? Wizards

► Fire or ice? Fire

► Straight or curly hair? Straight

► Fruits or vegetables? Fruits

► Roses or daisies? Daisies

► Pandas or whales? Whales

► McDonald’s or Burger King? Burger King

► Books or magazines? Both

► Circles or squares? Squares

► Ketchup or mustard? Mustard

► Money or fame? Both

► Piercings or tattoos? None

► Puzzles or board games? Board games

► Living room or bedroom? Bedroom

► Sandals or sneakers? Sneakers

► Apples or oranges? Apples

► Weird or crazy? Crazy

► Skates or bike? Bikes

► Go skiing or snowboarding? Snowboarding

► Watch or play sports? Play sports

► Swim in a pool or in the sea? Pool

► Sweet or salty? Sweet

► Cars or trucks? Cars

► Leather or lace? Lace

► Steak or chicken? Chicken

► Alaska or Hawaii? Hawaii

► Shower or tub? Shower

► TV Shows or movies? TV shows

► Breakfast or dinner? Breakfast

► Bananas or apples? Both

► Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

► Whatsapp or Viber? Whatsapp

► Mountains or beach? Both

► Digital watch or analog? Analog

► Freedom or hope? Freedom

► Snow White or Cinderella? Cinderella

► Sitting or standing? Standing

► Comedy or drama? Comedy

► Being too warm or too cold? Too hot

► Pasta or pizza? Both

► Online shopping or in-person shopping? In-person

► Writing poetry or reading poetry? Reading

► Wild animals or domestic animals? Domestic

► Family or friends? Both

► Scooby Doo or Tom and Jerry? Both