Hello Guys,
Today I'm going to show you my glow up routine☺

What do you mean with "Glow up"?

I think someone "glows up" when they're fixing their appearance.
If you change your hairstyle, make up routine or clothing style then you already look different and people can notice you better!

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Selfcare routine!

I recommend showering every day or every second day. That doesn't mean you have to wash your hair these days too! For me it's ok to wash my hair every third day. Did you know that you can "train" your hair not being greasy at all after the second or third day? On weekends you can try out not washing your hair 2 or 3 days and your hair will get used to this. It's also not healthy to wash your hair everyday.

You should also wash your face before you go to bed. You don't have to if you don't wear makeup but if you do then you have to!
I use a normal cleanser and after that a moisturising cream. My face is really oily so i use the Mask of Magnaminty from lush once in a week. It really helps my skin. I heard people with dry skin shouldn't use it...
I also really recommend rose water! I use it as a fixing spray and after i clean my face.

Use deorant for the day. If i forget to put deorant on i always feel uncomfortable.

And don't forget to drink much water!!

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Wear clothes you like and clothes that fit you. I don't like tight things on me and i feel uncomfortable. People are going to notice it!
be confident in what you wear and wear things you know youre going to be confident in it. It really makes you Glow up

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If you want to wear Make up but you don't know how or something then practise at home. I did it too so i didn't have a phase with hideous makeup looks (i hope so) You should wear as much you're confident with because nobody can say to you "you wear to much" or the other way round. People should really mind their own buissnes!

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If you wanna know what i do for my makeup routine click on this article:


I don't really do much hairstyles. I usually let my hair down or put it in a ponytail. But if you want something different and simple put your hair up in a bun after washing your hair. The shouldn't be too wet and also not too dry. Sleep with it over night and wake up with beautiful wavy hair. That also works with braided hair. They should always be wet!
And don't forget to brush your hair when you let them down!

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Bracelets and stuff

Bracelets and Necklaces make your look perfect. I personally love earrings. I like when someone has a uniqe necklace or bracelet that fits them and is kinda their signature. if you have something like that Awesome, if not look in little boutiqes or on your vactions it's going to be uniqe

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Last but not least put on parfum. For me it's important how i and other people smell. It just says so much about you! I usually wear a VS bodyspray like Aqua kiss (it's my favourite) or parfums like lady million by paco rabanne (my favourite too)

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Thats it guys i hope you liked it. Much love A♥