CIAO RAGAZZI! I can't believe that I actually got more than 600 hearts on my previous articles. This just gives me hope for the next ones. I'm thinking about dropping an articles every saturday, but I don't know if it's possible because of school. This is a new challenge that I found on @summergal8 , go check her out! It's called #LetterFromMyFutureSelf and I found it really inspiring. Here it is guys.

Be who you needed when you were younger.

` HI ADELAIDE! Look at you, so tiny and naive. I'm talking to you from the future, from your dearest future that you always organized in your little teenager mind. But I'm telling you straight away, you made it! You finally become a digital nomad!

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You were scared, terribly scared, but we both know that. But let's start from the beginning. All the stress caused by grades and school is gone. You managed to graduate school and get into a university, the one that you always dreamed of.

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You improved Russian, English and Spanish, furthermore you learned Chinese and Japanese. Actually you're learning Swahili, 'cause you're in Kenya in this moment.

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You're working as a translator, and you got the opportunity to travel all around the world. This caused to avoid all kinds of stable relationship, but it's worth it.

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What about your parents? Well, they weren't happy after your first tattoo, and they surely weren't happy after you decide to become a nomad. But they got used to it. Your friends? Well, you made new friends eventually.

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The old ones from high school, you'll see them on social media. Most of them working, others travelling like you. YES, you own a motorbike, AND YES you do have some pets: a dog and a cat who lives like brother and sister.

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You always host a few animals in every house you rent. You had a few relationship, but nothing lasted. But it's still the same type of guy that takes your breathe away: long hair, coll music, basically an hippie. You're not cold anymore, you learned to trust people again. This is your life, you're making experiences, you're making adventures, you're not afraid anymore. And I know that I didn't tell you much, but you will find out about the rest eventually. Stay strong and carry on baby. `