travel, passport, and tumblr image beach, summer, and blue image Temporarily removed girl, hair, and curls image
ANDREA: she loves to travel and loves the beach and everything having to do with summer
beautiful, pool, and reading image cat, animal, and black image book, reading, and aesthetic image Image removed
BETSY: has an adorable black cat and loves to read
Image removed Temporarily removed girl, music, and plant image avocado image
JADE: loves bunnies, other cute animals, music, (she is incredibly talented) and avocados
sunset, sky, and california image camera, black, and indie image Temporarily removed black and white, gays, and kiss image
JEREMY: is obsessed with cali vibes, is a talented photographer, likes to go on adventures
gif image new york, new york city, and nyc image Image removed aesthetic, black, and brown image
MATT: is very good at playing the piano, likes to go into the city, is very smart
floral, clothe, and cozy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
OLIVIA: sweetest person ever, super smart. she and her boyfriend are so cute together.