Hey there lovely,
Today I am here to tell you more about the journey to loving myself.
I am still on my way but it is the most beautiful journey i ever started.
So lets begin...

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Like I told you in my first article i wrote about this, there have been many things that helped me get to where i am right now. I wrote about seeing the light, journalling, environment and love. And today i will tell you more about the things that helped me.

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The first thing is awareness and independence. Whenever somebody is being rude to me i tell myself: you don't need them. Because i don't. I literally don't need people who make me feel bad. So I take a moment, where ever i am at that moment to reconnect with myself. Tell myself that i am independent and i don't need them to feel good.

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Second i made new goals. But this time i was really careful. I only set goals I can make happen. Because when my goal is for everyone to like me, I put my happiness in other peoples hands. When my goal is to get 400 likes on a article, I can't make it happen myself. So when I make my goals I make sure it all depends on me.

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And last but not least, love. I started paying more attention to who I'm giving my love. Ofcourse my family and my boyfriend. But I noticed that there are some people in my life, who don't really support me or lift me up. I noticed people I was holding on to, just because I thought I needed them to be myself. Ofcourse you should be nice to everyone and you should spread joy and love. But I started being careful with my time and my deepest love. Witch resulted in me loving deeper and having more time and energy for the people who deserve it.

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I hope my story might inspire you and may you always love yourself.