NCT is a boy group from SM Ent. that consists of 18 members. NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology. It is a group with no limitations on their members. They debuted on the year 2016 with the first unit, NCT U. The current units are: NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT DREAM. Now let's proceed to why you should stan NCT.

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1. It's a group filled with great artists. It ranges from vocalists, rappers, and dancers. Since it's a huge group, you would see the variation of their talents all together.
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2. NCT has a lot of great songs. May it be title tracks or not, NCT always drop the best songs according to their theme. NCT DREAM's previous song, "Go", it shows the mini rebellion of youth. Also the enjoying of youth is depicted from the music video. NCT has crazy beats, it's fire.
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3. The visuals are no joke. The visuals go to the youngest up to the oldest. They all look handsome. Haechan from the unit NCT 127 and NCT DREAM is the perfect example of NCT's visual.
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4. Their music videos are always aesthetic. Whether it's the effects or the actual member itself, it always appears to be really creative and colorful. Ten's solo song "Dream in A Dream" shows how gracefully he dances. He also took time to appreciate the art!
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5. They are hard working. NCT works hard on every comeback and gives their all to their fans. Members: Na Jaemin and Ten recently came back to the group free from their injuries and now ready to show their bests again!