in celebration of the new infinity war trailer kicking my ass to the moon and back, here is my ranking of marvel (cinematic universe) films, from least to most favourite!

DISCLAIMER: everyone is welcome to their opinion and I don't believe my opinion is superior to any one else's! this is simply my ranking and i'd love to know what you think, too!

lets begin! from worst to best (to keep everyone in suspense lmao)

18. the incredible hulk
-high key just not a fan
-my favourite part was when tony turned up at the end

17. thor: the dark world
-this film is super boring
-the best part is when loki is in it

16. iron man 2
-this film is so weird and has a really bad structure
-the villain sucks BAD
-the only reason it isn't lower is because i love tony stark and pepper potts lmao

15. doctor strange
-i LOVE benedict cumberbatch but ????
-his accent didn't do it for me
-it was visually beautiful but kind of boring and the humour didn't work
-strange is going to save everyone's ASS in infinity war though

14. ant man
-paul rudd is the love of my life
-again, not a fan of the comedy
-the whole concept is kind of lame i'm soRry

13. thor
-i love it when this film isn't set on earth
-i LOVE loki so much and tom hiddleston acted his way into my heart
-get rid of the earth part and i love it lol

12. avengers: age of ultron
-this film was a mess but an enjoyable one because i love all of the characters
-i used to hate the romance between bruce and natasha but last time i watched it i cried because of them so?? am i invested or just an emotional mess
-it's nice because of domestic avengers™ but equally, ultron kind of sucks
-i don't like wanda at all either
-but other than that everything is just average

11. black panther
-wakanda is absolutely amazing
-michael b jordan deserves all the praise in the world
-it was enjoyable, but predictable in parts and didn't feel like much of a journey for t'challa
-when okoye hit that guy with her wig, my whole life flashed before my eyes
-the girls stole the show

10. captain america: the first avenger
-i love steve rogers so much
-i am here for 1940s bucky and steggy
-the villains kind of suck (i hate hydra)
-it's a bit long and boring once you've watched it the amount of times that i have but its such a good origin story for steve, it makes me cry everytime lmao why am i like this

9. iron man 3
-i thought this film would suck BUT
-shane black did an amazing job
-this film affirmed tony as one of my favourites
-sure the enemies are all over the place
-tony and rhodey my two favourites lol
-tony and pepper are so perfect and i love them

8. iron man
-he becomes less of an arrogant ass and i appreciate that a lot
-he goes through a lot in this film
-just a good film

7. captain america: civil war
-i am on tony's side forever, while supporting bucky wholeheartedly
-sharon though...kind of ruins it for me
-bucky having dialogue means a lot me
-i'm still kind of mad at steve for splitting the team up

6. spider man: homecoming
-i am here for a teen movie
-peter parker is a sweetheart
-sure it is cringey in parts but growing up is cringey
-whenever tony turned up i was there, dead on the floor
-i, like the whole of humanity, love tom holland

5. thor ragnarok
-comical thor who knew i needed that
-jeff goldblum was insane and i was here for it
-loki being a snake throughout, what i signed up for
-it is so funny and visually beautiful? it's the film that keeps on giving

4. guardians of the galaxy: vol 2
-the sequel i wanted
-i love chris pratt
-quill and gamora
-rocket and yondu actually make me cry
-the soundtrack is better than the original fight me

3. captain america: the winter soldier
-a spy thriller
-i hate shield
-natasha and steve what a pair
-bucky deserves better and i will fight anyone who says otherwise

2. avengers assemble
-just so iconic?
-loki is the perfect villain
-i am here for the early tension between tony and steve
-i love everyone in this film??

1. guardians of the galaxy
-this is my comfort film
-it's heartbreaking, hilarious and beautiful
-chris pratt is perfect as quill
-i love all of them so much

there's my list! sorry i began to ramble a little.

i hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, i want to write about more marvel things leading up to the release of infinity war next month - if you want to share your own opinions about anything i have said, anything else or have any ideas as to what to write, feel free to message me!

thank you,

ellie x