Aaaaand the last part!

15. Off-White.
Since 2009. Milan.
Abloh (Off-White`s designer) was the art director for the 2011 Jay-Z / Kanye West album Watch the Throne, for which he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package.

brand, expensive, and off white image clothing image

16. Puma.
Since 1948. Germany.
Both brothers have decided to leave the family business and start their own factory, Rudolf Dassler called Puma. Due to a fight between brothers, they decided to open a separate factory so Adi changed the name of his factory too. He called it adidas (Derived from its Name).

Image by MissMel Image removed
skemen - under pressure

17. Quiksilver.
Since 1969. Australia.
The company's logo, designed by founder Alan Green and John Law in 1973, was inspired by Japanese painter Hokusai's woodcut The Great Wave off Kanagawa. It depicts a large wave with a mountain on a red background.

waves, adrenaline, and billabong image longboard, quiksilver, and simple image
The Blaze - Territory

18. Reebok.
Since 1895. Great Britain.
When photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding circulated in the press and online, people noticed that the nun sitting next to the royal couple was wearing a pair of black Reeboks.

ariana grande, ariana, and grande image SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image
Mad Skillz - Skillz in 95

19. Supreme.
Since 1994. NY.
It cost around $12,000 to open Supreme back in 1994.

supreme, theme, and Basketball image style, supreme, and girl image
Lil Xan - Slingshot

20. Tommy Hilfiger.
Since 1985. Amsterdam.
The designer also sponsored concert tours by The Rolling Stone, Britney Spears and Jewel.

Image by JORGIE aesthetic, beautiful, and gorgeous image
Tyler, the Creator - Bugatti

21. Umbro.
Since 1924. Great Britain.
By 1966, 85% of all British clubs would be wearing Umbro.

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Slimka - Self Made

Since 2009. Switzerland.
The brand started because each of the seven designers felt that fashion was losing a sense of fun.

shoes, blue, and boots image fashion, Balenciaga, and vetements image

23. Wrangler.
Since 1904. USA.
In 1973 Wrangler jeans become an icon of youth culture, synonymous with teenagers the world over.

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Beatles - Don`t let me down

24. Xander Zhou.
Since 2007. Beijing.
“My mum with her hundred pairs of high heels has had a longer-lasting influ- ence on my fashion sense than any other style icon.”

denim, jeans, and runways image fashion, fashion week, and gucci image
Benny Mails - Mantra

25. Yohji Yamamoto.
Since 1972. Tokyo.
He graduated with a degree in law from Keio University.

adidas, fashion, and yohji yamamoto image black, fashion, and runway image
Night Lovell - Boy Red

26. Zoo York.
Since 1993. NY.
By the dawn of the ’80s, the term Zoo York had come to firmly symbolize NYC’s underground sect of artists, b-boys, skateboarders, punks, and their various creative off-shoots.

Zoo York image kicks, trainers, and Zoo York image
Alicia Keys ft. Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind