In my years of existence here on earth I think you can say I'm much wiser now because of experiences.

1. Look at the heart
- Maybe some people aren’t showy as you are, it can really help you and your relationship with other people and most especially to your parents and someone older than you is when you look at their intentions. Just take time to look on the reason why they’re doing this and why they said that because maybe just maybe it’s for your own good, growth. Appreciate people who check on you.
In my years of existence here on earth I think you can say much wiser because of experiences.
2. Set your heart and eyes on priceless things
- Valuing priceless things more than this world could offer can really help you when it comes to happiness. Also when it comes to friendship is to look at how they’re refreshing your soul just by their presence and hugs, not on the gifts they can give to you.
3. Find goodness in every situation
- Our life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, there will be times when storms comes on our life. I can’t promise you that your life would always be this smooth walk, there will be times that you’re going to stumble. The path to happiness is to find the ‘good’ in every situation. It can be a lesson for you, things that teach you how to fight for what you want, you helped someone, situations that build you up etc. Never underestimate His will and how He works on your every situation. Every situation has ‘good thing’ in there.

4. You can never really put your confidence to other people
- One minute they love you and then the next minute not that much. It can be really hard for you if you depend your confidence and even your identity to people. Let God be the rock you are standing on.
5. Do things that can help your future self
- Always look on things that would build you up. It’s either you’re growing or being destroyed.