hi people, how are you doing? today, i wanted to tell you some kpop songs from 2018 that i've been obsessed with lately. hope you enjoy and happy listening! ~

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1. slow, chill ones

dive - joo young
didn't know me - heize
dinner - suho & jang jane
it's raining - jung seung hwan
days without you - davichi
star - yang yoseop
well i say - o.when
가고 있어 - peakboy
premotion - paul kim
before our spring - jonghyun

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2. groovy, happy ones

touch - nct 127
don't remember - honeyst
blurred lines (feat. hanhae) - cheetah
jenga (feat. gaeko) - heize
baby don't stop - nct u (taeyong, ten)
look - got7
hope world - j-hope
one and only you (feat. hyolyn) - got7
bboom bboom - momoland
shall we dance - block b

thanks for reading! xx