My name is Ági.
Yeah.. I know this name is very strange for you..
I am from Hungary.. no.. not hungry.. Hungary.. as Magyarország.. This is the name of my country in Hungary.

This Article may haven't got meaning.. but i don't care. I just want to describe why it is strange to me that the WHI people choose the best article writer.

The WHI application is loved by a lot of people all around the world. This is true. The WHI brought a lot of new, good things into my life. Like everyone else, I also wrote Article and i don't understand something. This site has a lot of people who can't speak English. They can't write in English. I also can't write or speak perfectly... I couldn't describe this article right now if there wasn't Google translator next to me. There are so many sentences, words, concepts in me, that I can't describe here because simply I can't translate.
There are a lot of people on Earth who write an article but can't speak English. The article can be wonderful, unique, imaginative, but the writer can't describe it well because he can not speak English, translates everything and doesn't know the article is wrong. Everyone who reads the article believes that the writer is write the article correctly, so they say that the article was wrong, while it might be a special article if the writer didn't write badly 2 words. I hope you know what i mean..

Because I don't think that I was write correctly the last sentence. NOW YOU UNDERSTAND ME?:D
The writer can't express himself.. i don't know how to express myself anymore..
So when you award the best writer you don't know that have so many people who maybe better than the winner..
This is not a WHI man's/women's fault and not the writer's fault..
But only the WHI team can do anything..
I don't know that this is possible or not but I have an idea!
When the writer describes the article, he can safely write that article in her own language. When he finished, press a button that translates the whole text into English. (please not Google translate because that is sooo bad..) I don't know that this will work or not.. this is just my idea..

I hope the WHI team will read this article and I hope they will thinking about it.. If not, then I hope that you ... who read this, will thingking.
I will so happy if anyone write me that what he think.. so this is my WHI name: peteragi2 - i hope you will write:)

book, flowers, and vintage image
We will meet in the next article..