Hello everyone, today I'm back with another article about things that sum up a perfect weekend day to me. This article might have ideas for you to add something to your weekend or I just like reading these types of articles so I hope you like it!

A perfect day

Waking up around 8-to-9 am

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I think that waking up early, is good because you feel productive-not too early tho 'cos then what's the point of a weekend!

Healthy Breakfast

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-Having a healthy breakfast is really important because it keeps you strong for the whole day


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-Do I even have to explain this?


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-Personally, I have a swimming pool at my house and I also swim as as a sport so it's easier for me to swim. Try to find the nearest facility that has a swimming pool or go to a natural pool, the beach!


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-I am in love with surfing and if you don't already surf then please consider learning it!


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-Once again, I don't feel the need to explain

Hanging out with friends

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-Hanging out with our friends can be really fun, go out somewhere or have a chill day in. if you're having a bad day then your friends are most likely to wipe any chance of a frown off of your face!

Working Out

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-Working out will make you feel amazing and if you continue will give you great results!

Trying New Hobbies

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-Trying new hobbies can be really fun and those hobbies can help you when you are bored!

Cleaning Up or Decorating

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-Cleaning up your house or decorating it will give it a new feel and your day will feel even better!

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