1. Never chase people. Don't ask them out if they're don't show any interest towards you. Don't waste your time for people who would take advantage of you. Ask yourself if they would do anything for you. Whether its a toxic friend, a guy you're casually hooking up with or your school mate. Don't trust them or show them your vulnerabilities.

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2. Take good care of your skin. Drink water, have fruits in your diet and start following a good skin care routine every day.

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3. Keep a journal. You can write the 10 things you are grateful about and the things you love about yourself. You can also write down your goals and your dreams.

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4. Learn to cook for yourself or bake.You can also prepare salad, smoothie bowls, cupcakes, and fresh juices. Feed yourself.

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5. Find a show you like. Watch as many series, movies and TV shows to entertain yourself.

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6. Watch makeup tutorials that you enjoy. Find a good youtuber you can relate to. I usually relate to a lot of makeup youtubers who have the same skin tone as i do and also if they have blemishes and acne like me.

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7. Stay away from social media or online conversations with the wrong people. Sexting is a big NO. It can ruin your mental health.

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8. Find a hobby. Painting, reading, writing articles on weheartit, and photography. Do what you love!

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