Each one of us has a dream , a passion for something , or at least something they wanna try. When a person tries something , for once or for like five times and fail at it , they start thinking "oh why am I so stupid? Why can't I do anything right?" . Now that doesn't apply for everyone , but for those who think like this , I would like to say :
Honey , you're not stupid. Not being able to achieve something like how you imagined in your head is frustrating and self - disappointing , I know , but it doesn't mean you're stupid . Maybe you didn't do it the right way or maybe you need to try again
Failure is one of the keys to success . How? You try to do something you like but you fail at it , you don't give up and you keep trying and trying until you get it right . That's why , never ever droubt yourself, never ever think that you're stupid cause you're not. Each one of us is intelligent in their own way , some in art , some in music , some in sports , etc.....
You're special , you're unique in your own way . Don't look down on yourself because that will make you ignore the talents that you have , it will make you think of yourself in a negative way only , no! You're smart and talented , you just need to find the thing that will make you shine the best or if you have found it , never give up on it or on your ability, keep trying until you do it right 💙

Keep the positive vibes around and have a nice day 💙