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So I've still got a year till my year 12 graduation which means formal! I'm from Australia and in my school we barely have any dances so this is a really exciting time for me. I've always been fascinated by the outfits people wear to their dances and everything like that so i thought id show you what my dream formal would look like. :)


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Honestly i love dresses and jumpsuits and u can't decide which id rather wear since they are both absolutely gorgeous.


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I've never been into super dramatic looks, so my ideal makeup would be warm natural tones that are rather minimalistic.


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Nudes and pink tones always seem to go with every type of dress or jumpsuit.


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just like makeup i really love natural hair styles so a messy casual i think would look gorgeous with a dressy outfit.


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the snake one would be because I'm petty as hell and if someone i didn't like rocked up to talk to me id just brush my hair out of my face and show them it. i also just really love diamonds.


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The heels have to be high as anything. I'm a tall girl but I embrace it and love showing it off.

The night

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I imagine the formal part of the night to be amazing but i can not wait for the after party that my group will throw. we have a rather large group of friends and i just can't wait for the late swimming and footy matches at 12am.

This is my dream formal. i hope you had a great time crawling into my mind for a little while.


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