Saw a couple of these post, and thought it would be cool to do!

If I were a color

cars, vintage, and yellow image yellow, aesthetic, and converse image yellow and egypt image book, books, and mountain image
Gamboge... than blandest version of the brightest color

If I were a season

asian, background, and dock image Temporarily removed
spring eveything starts over a new

If I were a time of day

fog, landscape, and night image night, beach, and sea image
night a time that seems to stand still and thought takes its best form
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed
If I were a element Water something that has unlimited possibilities. Vital for survival, but yet so dangerous within its own environment and not a containment

If I were a feeling

calm, peace, and river image Temporarily removed calm, live, and mountains image calm, fun, and great image
I would be equanimous more than just a simple calm

If I were a playlist

music, nina simone, and song image black, brown, and comfy image Image removed cancion, Lyrics, and music image songs lyrics, trapdoor, and lockscreen image Temporarily removed happy pills and weather image Temporarily removed Image removed
I would be every song that doesn't mix. good music doesn't have a genre it simply is music nothing more or less. The links are to some really chill playlist on youtube for those who appreciate sound not lyrics...

If I were a book

I would be All the Bright Places... I want to have great wandering in my life. However, my journey reading has not finished; not even close, but for now this is my choice.

book and all the bright places image books, depression, and finch image

If I were a superhero

Marvel, storm, and x-men image
I would be Storm.... The craziest one there is too.

If I were a villain

harley quinn, gif, and poison ivy image
I would be Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy OG versions only.

And Finally,

If I were a place

90s, aesthetic, and alternative image book and library image Image removed Temporarily removed
I would be a library. A place of peace, knowledge, and concentration.