note: this is a reupload. for some reason my first post got taken down so i'm uploading this again. same colors, but a few different pictures.

inspired by these articles:


purple, aesthetic, and neon image bts, v, and taehyung image Image removed Temporarily removed
science & logic || kpop fan || marina stan || imaginative


yellow, coldplay, and Lyrics image yellow, aesthetic, and book image yellow, girl, and alternative image yellow, quotes, and good vibes image
coldplay || bookworm || old soul || good vibes


red, tumblr, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and style image converse, red, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
fluffy hair || turtlenecks || tomboyish || red like roses ost


aesthetic, background, and moon image Temporarily removed Image removed potato, funny, and japanese image
latin for moon || foodie || popular brands || japan lover


Temporarily removed Image by Marina Chiska pink, rose, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
makeup || flowers || skincare || girly